Best Application to create DP images

Best Application to Create DP

Is creating a DP image possible without having any graphic experience? Or is there any best application to create DP images? Everyone wants to have a stylish DP image for their social media profiles. And creating images or DP is quite tough when you don’t have graphic experience. Generally, we need to have graphic experience … Read more

How To Create Images In Canva Without Any Subscription?

How To Create Images In Canva

Do you want to create images but need to learn how to and need to have design experience to create these images? Today’s blog of Funtikka will let you know how to create images in Canva. Canva needs a subscription to create images in canva, but another mod version helps you create without any subscription. … Read more

Top 5 Apps Where You Can Design Your DP


Do you want to add wallpaper to your name letter? Can we set the wallpaper in our name letter? Yes, you can add wallpaper of your name letter easily wherever you want to add it. The name wallpaper can be set on mobile wallpaper, computer or laptop wallpaper, and social media account profiles. You can … Read more

Why Choose a Name with A Alphabet?

Why Choose a Name with A Alphabet? There are many causes and purposes for choosing your name with the A alphabet. We all know that our English Alphabet starts with the A letter. And if we short our table or Excel file, A letter will come first. So if you are going to choose your … Read more