Top 5 Apps Where You Can Design Your DP

Do you want to add wallpaper to your name letter? Can we set the wallpaper in our name letter? Yes, you can add wallpaper of your name letter easily wherever you want to add it. The name wallpaper can be set on mobile wallpaper, computer or laptop wallpaper, and social media account profiles. You can easily set wallpaper by using many apps that provide different types of wallpaper, whatever you can type.

How can you design your DP if you are worried about creating or customizing your DP without any expertise in designing? Then, you don’t think about it because there are so many apps where you can customize your wallpaper easily without any design expertise. Have you heard about Adobe Photoshop? You can design your DP in Adobe Photoshop, but it is hard to use this software. please read the full blog Funtikka blogs for full knowledge. 

There are so many functions or features; you need to learn about them to use them properly. Generally, we hire anyone who can be an expert in designing to design your DP.

Where can we customize any Photos or Images for DP or Wallpaper?

There are so many apps like Canva, Picsart, Textgram, Kinemaster, Name Art Photograph, etc., to design your DP. You don’t need to find it over the internet, and you can design your name DP with the help of these applications without h on ap charges. Also, you don’t need to be an expert in designing because these tools have many templates to download. You need to change the colours on them.

You can download wallpaper and DP profiles from many sites if you want to avoid designing wallpaper and DP profiles. There are many sites which are offering to download images for your DP. You can also try Name DP images according to your name alphabet. You can download name dp like A name images, B name images, etc.

5 Applications Which Help To Create or Design Your DP or Photo?

Usually, it is hard to design your DP or wallpaper images ourselves. So, we can always hire an expert designer to design any wallpaper or DP according to our requirements. Anytime, how can they create wallpaper and DP images, and where? In the digital world, many apps help them design these images without any designing experience.

You can also make any images by using these apps easily. Here, we can discuss which apps are helpful for you to make any wallpaper and DP images conveniently and according to you. Below, we discuss the top 5 apps, particularly with what they provide to you:-


That application is completely free to use. It doesn’t require a subscription purchase, and you can download APK files to design your DP or photos. You will get many templates in their application, and you can choose any suitable templates. You can use these images to promote your business, too. 

Some applications you need help finding over the Google Play Store due to their Google policies. But still, you can install it on your mobile, so KineMaster is not available on Google Play Store, and you can download Kinemaster mod APK files to install on your mobile to design your DP or photo.


Canva is the most featured and trending app, which is very popular among the audience at these times. In this app, there are so many features that help to design your DP or any images that you want. Here, you can use templates to create banner images for your business. It has lots of templates in which you can select anyone and make changes to these templates according to you.

It saves time and money because you can design your DP yourself without help. In this app, you can change the font or text style to make the images elegant. If you don’t like its font style, you can find Fancy Fonts on the internet. From there, you can copy Fancy Text with emojis and symbols, which look fantastic when you copy and paste them into your image.

The main feature not available in other apps is that you can quickly expand your pictures with many options generated by it. You like the favourite one and then generate the results. The image looks the same as before but with a larger size. 


This app is just like the Canva app, but some features are different to use by the audience. In this app, you can design your DP or wallpaper images with custom sizes. You can customize the size of images for which you want the image size. It will save the time to cut or crop the images again and again to fit it where you want.

Sometimes, the images you search for are very large, but you want to be small in the size of the images so that you can resize them in this app. If you create any short video to post on YouTube or Instagram, you can make it separately. You choose which types of videos you are looking to edit and publish on which account.


Textgram is a versatile app where you can edit images with many templates and font styles. This app has many backgrounds you can set and make the images astonishing. When you can put these backgrounds in your DP profile, then it looks more attractive and unique from others.

Many other options help you create your images without any design expert. You don’t need to learn to design to design photos or images. You can download TextGram, which helps you to create images.

Name Art Photo Editor:

Do you want to craft the images with your name alphabets? Then, this app will help to craft these types of images according to you. It has stickers and templates; you can choose and paste them on your DP. In this app, you can type your name, and it suggests many DP images to select.

It has many collections of images that you can download and set up. There is no need to cut or crop these images anywhere. You can also set animate your pictures according to you. You can add effects to your text, like shadows, glitches, echoes, etc., to make the text attractive.

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