How To Create Images In Canva Without Any Subscription?

Do you want to create images but need to learn how to and need to have design experience to create these images? Today’s blog of Funtikka will let you know how to create images in Canva. Canva needs a subscription to create images in canva, but another mod version helps you create without any subscription. But you can download the Canva Mod App through APK files.

In modern days, everyone is using social media for different reasons. Someone is using it to stay connected with others while someone is playing games. In social media apps, profile pictures where users add graphics to show their profile to others. In the age of social media, a unique and eye-catching profile picture, often referred to as a “Display Picture (DP),” has become crucial.

Generally, users can add pictures of themselves and the unique images they like most. But nowadays, the trend is to upload Name alphabet images like A name DP Images, D name DP images, H name DP images, or all alphabet images. You can download it through any website you can find on Google, or else you can create images in Canva, and we will talk about how to create images in Canva.

Many websites can provide these images freely; you can download and upload them anywhere. But if you are unsatisfied with these images, you can create them with the help of graphic design tools. There are many designing software, tools, or applications that help to create images.

Now the question is, which app or tool best creates images? Canva Pro is the best app to make images for your social media profiles. And Canva is the best mobile application among all of the other tools. You don’t need to have much experience in design because it has many predefined templates. We will talk more about how to create images in Canva. 

What is Canva?

Canva is the best and most popular app where you can easily design your pictures. You can create images in Canva for personal use without design experience. It has immense features like many templates, changing font style, adding effects on your images or text, and many others, which makes it the audience’s first choice.

From this app, you can download the pictures you created and share links with others to see those images. Or else you can download them to share with your mobile contacts as there are many applications to share images.

You need to purchase a monthly subscription to create images in Canva. And if you don’t want to pay that monthly fee, you can download that mod version of Canva. That Mod version is not available in the Play Store. But still, you can install it with the way of APK files.

What is the Canva Mod Version?

It works similarly to Canva. It has many templates, like in Canva. In Canva Mod Apk, many templates will be available to all, so you can choose your favorite template and make changes with the most suitable options.

But it is unavailable on the Google Play Store, so you can’t download it. It can be downloaded only with the help of APK files and is available online. You can type Canva Mod APK in any search engine; many websites should be shown. You can download it from any of these websites.

Canva allows users to select pictures from their gallery and edit them by using many features that are free of cost to all but only on Canva Mod. In that application, many templates will be available to all, so you can choose your favorite template and make changes with the most suitable options.

In that mod version, you don’t need to pay a monthly subscription; it will work similarly to Canva. To download that application, you can type Canva Mod Apk in any search engine; many websites should be shown. You can download it from any of these websites.

Difference Between Canva and Canva Mod

There is a significant difference between both applications. You will get many templates in both applications, but they may be different from each other. You can create projects over there to save that project when you cannot complete it. And able to continue that project again whenever you want. There are a few differences between both. Here are the differences between both applications.

  1. Paid and Free Application: If you use Canva, you need to pay a monthly subscription to use it, and without the pro version, you can’t create images in Canva. It would help to buy a monthly subscription to create images in Canva. While in Canva Mod, you don’t need to pay any fee or payment. You can install it on your mobile, and you are free to use that application.
  2. Installing Process: You can download Canva easily by searching the Google Play Store. While Canva Mod can be downloaded through APK files. Search over Google to find the APK files for Canva Mod and install them on your mobile. You can learn how to install APK files and then install them easily.

How to Create Images in Canva or Canva Mod?

In this blog, let’s discuss how to create images in Canva. It covers all various aspects, from choosing suitable templates to adding your touch to images. You can create images in Canva Mod, whether you are creating them for your personal or professional use. Let’s start with how to create images in Canva Mod:-

Sign Up and get started:-

First, you download it through an APK file if you want to use it for free. We suggest you don’t download through the Google Play store; otherwise, you must pay a monthly subscription. After installing Canva Mod on your mobile, you can sign up for the account if you are new to using this app. After creating a charge over Canva mod, you will learn how to create images in Canva.

Choose any Templates:-

In Canva, so many templates can be used for various purposes. You can also design Name DP by using these templates. To make a Name DP, search for “profile picture” or “Name DP” in the search bar and explore various templates. Many options look very elegant, and the design is unique from others. You can select any one template and customize it according to you.

You can create images in Canva Mod Freely, so you can create images over there, whether you are creating for social media DP, cover images, post images, or any images. There are many options or templates to create images. Also, you can resize any image easily compared to other applications like Kinemaster.

Customize your template:-

Customize your templates is the same feature in both Canva and Canva Mod, and there is no difference between creating images except for free and paid. The main version requires a monthly subscription, while the Mod version doesn’t. After selecting your favorite template, you can customize it uniquely with the help of its editing tools and features:-

  1. Text: – In that application, you can separately add text in a selected template and customize it. You can also change text styles by using different fonts. To make your text style more beautiful, you can use the Fancy Font generator tool to make your font style more attractive.
  2. Images: – It depends on you to choose either from the templates shown to you or pick up the pictures from your gallery. You can upload the images if you can select from your gallery. You can edit your photos by adding stickers to make them more attractive.
  3. Background: – If you don’t like the background of your images, then you can easily change your background. It would suggest many backgrounds, which are more elegant when you use them in your pictures, which you pick up from your gallery.

Magic Expand In Canva Mod:-

The new updated feature of that application is handy for all users. With this feature, you can expand any image without any size problem. Now, you have no requirement to find the best size images to fit where you want to add them. You can pick any photos you like most, and don’t stress about the size of the pictures. Just upload that image over that site and use the Magic Expand tool to expand the photos in any size.

The question is, where is it available in Canva Pro? When you click on the image, the “Edit Photo” option is shown just above your left side. In it, there are many options like background remover, magic expand, magic eraser, magic grab, and text options. Select the option of Magic Expand to expand the photo. Select the image that you want to edit and expand the picture.

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