How to update DP on Instagram?

How to update DP on Instagram

In the world, everyone uses social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and others to share about their lives. Nowadays, one of the most prominent apps: “Instagram” is used by most people due to its available features. Do you know how to update DP on Instagram or what is the process to update DP on Instagram?

Everyone using Instagram knows how to create an Instagram account. But may everyone know about how to update DP on Instagram? No one has known how to change or update DP on Instagram after creating an Instagram account.

So, in this Funtikka blog, let’s talk about how to change or update DP on Instagram. You can pick up any of your favorite photos from the gallery and add them as DP on Instagram. You can edit your photo with the help of Canva Mod APK or Kinemaster Mod APK. You can also add DP to your name images like A name DP, L name DP, or other alphabets.

Introduction to Instagram:-

Instagram is the most popular social media app among other social media platforms. It is a place where millions of users share their lives through photos and stories. In this app, you can add posts to update your profile account. There are various options to update yourself and the top-notch option is to update DP on Instagram. You can also add an Instagram Bio to your profile, which defines you.

As we all know, all social media apps help us stay connected with others. Instagram is something like that where you can talk through voice or video calls, allowing you to talk face to face. Instagram is the best platform for those who want to gain audience popularity. This app’s audiences are from all over the world, so you become popular globally.

In Instagram, your profile picture is a significant element of your identity. Whenever people visit your account, they first see your profile, which can leave a lasting impression. It is a simple task to change or update DP on Instagram, but you need to follow the guide, which can be discussed in this blog.

Why Update Your Profile Picture (DP)?

Your profile picture on Instagram is a representation of your identity. So, it plays a crucial role in the social media world. It serves several crucial functions are as:-

  1. First Impression: – In Instagram, when someone visits your profile, your DP, often called the profile picture, is the first thing they notice. It is wholly dependent on your profile picture whether they choose to follow you or not. Whenever we update DP on our Instagram account, it can leave a lasting impression on anyone.
  2. Recognition: – Update DP on Instagram Account, it can help recognize your account by followers and potential followers in their feed or when you engage with them. They can recognize you by your DP.
  3. Express your personality: – Your profile picture can convey your personality, interests, or current mood. Changing your DP regularly about your life or interests can help you follow your followers and increase them.
  4. New Look:– If you can update your profile picture, often called “DP,” then your followers keep interest in your account. They would consider that this account is updated regularly so they can follow the right person.

How to Update DP on Instagram:-

In this blog, we are talking about how to update DP on Instagram. Till now, we have discussed why we need to update DP on Instagram, now furthermore we will discuss how to update DP on Instagram so you can follow the steps by step, which can be discussed below:-

Step 1:-Open the Instagram App

The first step to updating DP on Instagram is to open the Instagram app or application on your mobile phone or laptop. You can log in to your account, which you used previously. You must enter your username and password if you are not logged in. 

Step 2:- Navigate and Tap on your profile

When you open Instagram on your laptop, you can see the profile picture right at the top corner once you log in to your account. You can tap on your profile picture to update your DP. After clicking on it, you may choose one option you have seen.

But if you can open Instagram on a mobile phone, you can tap on your profile picture. Generally, it can be seen at the bottom of the screen. You can update your profile picture here. After clicking on it, you should choose one of any options which can be seen. 

Step 3:- Choose an Option

When you tap on your current profile picture, you will see many options for updating it. These options can include:

  • Take a photo: – This option allows you to take a new photo using your device’s camera and set it as your profile picture immediately.
  • Upload photo: – You can select a photo from your device’s gallery and use it as your new profile picture. 
  • Import from Facebook:– When you log into your Instagram account from Facebook, you can import your profile picture from it and update it on your Instagram account.

Step 4:- Select or Take a Photo

You can select your favorite photo from your gallery. If you have any recent photos in your gallery that you want to use as your profile picture, select “Upload Photo” and browse your device’s gallery to choose your desired photo. If you want to add a new photo, you can click a new photo from the device’s camera.

Step 5:- Edit and Crop:-

If you select any photo, then you can crop your photo according to you. You can edit your photo using any graphic design tool to make it more attractive and unique. You will make sure that on Instagram, the photo is in circular size, so you need to crop your photo.

Step 6:- Save your profile photo

After doing all this, you can click on the option to save your new profile photo, often called “DP.” When you can save your DP, then your DP is visible to anyone.

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