How to Change Facebook DP?

Are you looking for the steps to change Facebook DP? Don’t know how to change DP in 2023? Facebook is updating its system regularly, and it’s taking steps to change DP images on Facebook. In that case, they change the steps to change the DP in your account and get tied to change the Facebook DP as they don’t know how to change Facebook DP.

Well, we all know about DP as it stands for “Display Picture”, but most people don’t know how to change Facebook DP in their profiles. To make your profiles attractive, you need to update your DP with different types of DP images, which you can download through various sites. Now the question is, what kind of profile picture should we use? You can use different types of DP images like your name alphabet, DP images, A letter images, B Letter images, Krishna Images, Happy Diwali images, and many more. In alphabet DP images, you can. Welcome to the Funtikka blog, where you will read how to change DP on Facebook?

Profile picture imposes a first impression on your viewers & if it needs to be updated, the result might be a bad impression. So, the profile picture of your Facebook profile should be changed frequently with your poses & matched with the current environment. But we all are new to technology & don’t know the way to change it. Also, Facebook changed its profile update option & which might be cause people are not aware of the way. In this article, we will guide you in changing your Facebook profile pictures in simple steps. After knowing the way, you will convert your old-fashioned DP Imagesto new & updated images.

There are two ways to change Facebook DP in your profiles, which are through Web Browser and Mobile Application. In this blog, we describe every step of how to change Facebook DP, so read the blog carefully.

Why Change Facebook DP:

When you talk about DP, the question that comes across in your mind is what type of DP images we need to use or why we need to change Facebook DP. Well, Facebook or other famous social media platforms have a security system where if they check that your profile is inactive, they will deactivate your account. So, by updating your profile picture in your social media profiles, you get benefits. There are more reasons behind changing Facebook DP, but in that blog, we will let you know how to change Facebook DP.

Update Regularly: When you change your DP on Facebook regularly, you will get credit from Facebook. Credit means they will make your profile stronger. However, by changing your profile picture regularly, you will get a chance to increase your followers or friends.

Wish Via Profile Picture: If you think that Diwali or a festival is coming, you can change the images like that. So you can change your DP with the Happy Diwali images. Furthermore, we will work on how to change Facebook DP.

How to Change Facebook DP Through Mobile Application – 

Want to change the DP of your Facebook Account? Sometimes, you see that the profile picture you gave changed; it automatically adds to your timeline. So, if you want to change your profile picture without saving the picture on timelines, follow the steps below – 

Log in with the Account –

First of all, open your Chrome browser and log in to the Facebook account for which you want to change the profile picture. 

Go To Profile – 

Now, go to your profile by clicking on the profile icon.

Update Profile Picture – 

When you click on the camera button right down on the profile picture, you will find two options over there, and one of them is “Update Profile Picture.”

Upload the Picture – 

You can upload your desired profile picture from your file manager & click on the save or upload button. It will ask you to adjust your uploaded picture-like crop. The Facebook frame is round, and the picture you have uploaded will be shown in the round frame.

Remove it From Your Timeline –

It would help if you went to your timeline & where you will see the picture you have uploaded recently. Click on the three dots of the posted picture, where you can hide and set the picture audience to “Only Me.” So, no one can see the picture you have posted except on your profile picture.

How to Change Facebook DP Through Mobile Phone – 

As most of the users of social media platforms are using mobile, either they are Facebook or Instagram users & operate their accounts from mobile. It is also very easy to update the profile picture through mobile.

  1. Open the Facebook Mobile Application & log in with the account.
  2. Before that, make sure to know the path of your selected picture that you want to upload to your profile.
  3. Now the same, go to your profile & tap on the profile icon left on the mobile screen.
  4. Here, you can change your profile picture and your profile banner as well. To change the profile picture, you should click on the camera button. 
  5. Here, you will see 4 to 5 options & one of them is to select the profile picture.
  6. Now click on the option & select the profile picture you have to upload.
  7. You Should check off the Share News Feed Button right down the side. It will prevent the picture from being posted on the timeline. 

These two ways will help you a lot to change Facebook DP. Also, you can remove your profile picture from your timeline or your pictures section. Make sure that the images you are using are high quality. 

Conclusion –

Before uploading the image on your profile, make sure to optimize the image & it will compress your image size to easily loadable without impacting on image pixels. Your social media profile pictures have to change regularly and also match with the current trend because the regular updates help to keep the profile on top through the algorithms.

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