How To use Text on the Images?

Creating images with some elements & texts is too good to represent your article, products, or services. This is the best marketing strategy to attract customers with images & speak positively about your work. Here, we will explain the correct ways to write text on the images to increase image enhancement.

It would help to keep your eyes on typography before writing on an image. Once you have the proper knowledge, you can start writing on photos. Text on the image is used to specify the blog or a profile you are posting for. Various image editing tools like Canva MOD APK or Alight Motion APK allow adding multiple typographies to impose Text on the images. You can use it to create A name DP images or different kinds of DP Pic with this software.

Software To Write Text On the Images –

There are many software that help write Text on the images. Some are web-based software, and some are system-based, which work on your desktop only. At the same time, some applications work on your mobile phone. In today’s blog of Funtikka, we will discuss the software that helps you write text on the images.

  1. Canva Mod APK: Canva Mod APK is a mobile application, and it will work on your mobile only. But Canva has another version, and you can use that tool regularly, too. It requires you to pay a monthly subscription fee when you download it through the Google Play Store. But if you download through APK files, you don’t need to pay for the monthly version, and it works like a Pro version. It doesn’t require knowledge of design or any other kind of graphic design experience.
  2. Photoshop: That application works on your computer only. It doesn’t have a mobile application, and you need to pay for that software if you want to use it. In the market, you can find a cracked version of Photoshop. It would help if you were an expert on Photoshop, as it’s a little complicated, too. So, before using that application, you need to learn Photoshop.

How to use Text On the Images –

Such alteration is not required to impose a natural effect text on the images; you must equalize the results. Maximum tricks on an image will take the soul of the actual image. In old words, some things are as simple & sober as they seem natural.

Add Contrast –

First, the Text is used to explain the content you are posting. So, the Text you use for the image should be visible in a different color from the background, font styles, or text position.

If your background is light, you should use dark Text. Make your Text visual by using the reader as opposed to the image.

Blur the Image –

While imposing Text on the images, you can use tools to blur the area behind the Text. Blur should be able to maintain the focus on the written text. You can do that with multiple image editing tools like Inshot Pro APK. Like in Good Morning Images, you can blur the background image of a flower & write the morning quotes on it.

Put Text in Box –

Sometimes, the background has versatile colors & in that case, writing visible Text is impossible. You can try Text in a box; it might be rectangular or round. Remember to change the box color because the box background color will show Text.

Add Text in Background –

It is the best practice to write the Text in the image’s background, which gives attention to the written Text on the images and makes it look unique. Most of the time, the background color is the same, so it is easy to write readable text on the background.

Use Big Sizes –

If you need clarification with the text size, you can use big-size Text, which works on all kinds of images. The extensive text size will grab the attention of the viewers. 

Color Casting –

Using the color cast over the image is also a good trick. You can place your Text in a colour, making the appearance stunning. Make sure to choose a color where the background is visible & write Text as well. So, the color combination should be selected for perfect color casting.

Shift the Image to One Side –

When you shift your image to a particular direction, you have remained in the other portion where you can quickly put your Text & which is visible. You can change the image to either left, right, or downside.

Selective Focus –

When writing a text of more than five words, you can focus on the main keywords used in the Text, which attacks the user directly to understand the image. Focus can be done in various ways, such as bold, different styles, colors, or shapes of the Text.

Use of Grid –

You can also grid in the images while putting the Text in multiple lines. You can change the style and color of every line of Text.

Conclusion –

In the digital market, images help express a business or personal profile. So, the photos should be spoken with the Text imposed on them & easily readable by the viewer. Besides, the image looks more enhanced after using the reader. The tips available on Funtikka will help you a lot to create your desired photos.

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